Every person or entity who is licensed is required to register with the FREC, pay a registration fee, and submit all required information: name and address of the licensee, name and business address of the sales associate licensee’s employing broker, license status of the sales associate and his or her employing broker, and whether or not the licensee is an officer, director, or partner of a real estate brokerage. Registrations must be renewed when the license is renewed.

Florida sales associates and broker associates are required to register under the employing broker and can only register under one broker at a time. 

Partnerships, limited liability partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations that act as brokers must register. Partnerships are required to license and register at least one partner as an active broker. Real estate brokerage corporations must license and register their officers and directors. Brokers must also register all branch offices. 

If a licensee changes names or trade names, the license must be reissued in the new name and re-registered. Trade names are to be shown on both the license and the registration.