Congratulations! You are on your way to completing this course! Here are instructions that you must follow to complete the course and earn your certificate.

  1. Practice Examination is not required to complete but is encouraged to help you pass one of the final exams.
  2. YOU MUST PASS ONLY 1 of 2 FINAL EXAMS WITH A 75% TO COMPLETE THE COURSE. You will receive your certificate download once one of the exams is passed. Your download will be present on the “Profile” page under “Earned Certificates.”
  3. You must click on “Mark Complete” at the bottom of the page once you pass one of the final exams. If you click “Mark Complete” before you pass one of the final exams, you will have to reenter the course from the “Profile” page and redo one of the final exams in order to get your download link.