Organizational structure 



structure The Division of Real Estate (DRE) is one division within the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. The DRE is headed by a director who is appointed by the Secretary of the DBPR and approved by a majority of the FREC. The DRE’s staff is employed to support functions of the FREC. Funding for the DRE’s real estate regulation comes from fees and assessments collected by the FREC. Florida law mandates that the DRE’s offices are to be located in Orlando, Florida. 

Both the Florida Real Estate Appraisal Board and the Florida Real Estate Commission were established within the DRE. 

Duties The DRE carries out the decisions and policies of the FREC. It is responsible for examining, licensing, and regulating individual licensees, corporations, and schools in Florida. Its duties also include recordkeeping, legal and investigative services, and other services in Chapter 455 which are related to Florida’s real estate license law.