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Principles of Real Estate Practice in Florida is a modern learning tool for the student preparing to enter the real estate business in Florida as a licensed professional. It contains the essentials of real estate law, principles, and practices taught in Florida real estate schools and colleges, including all those fundamentals that real estate educators, practicing professionals, testing services, and licensing officials agree are necessary for basic competence. Principles of Real Estate Practice in Florida covers the prelicense requirements mandated by Florida license law.

Principles of Real Estate Practice is tailored to the needs of the prelicense student. It is designed to

  • make it easy for students to learn the material
  • prepare students for numerous career applications
  • stress practical, rather than theoretical, skills and knowledge.

Each section begins with an overview of the main heads covered in the section. As each of these heads is expanded, the subheads are displayed in the margin. Key terms are printed in bold type the first time they are used and defined. The sections conclude with a study aid called the “Snapshot Review,” which compresses the main points of the section into one or two pages. After the last section are tests for all the sections. The answer key following the tests refers to the page in the text that explains the correct answer. The book is also provided with a special section on real estate math, a practice exam reflecting the content of the Florida licensing examination, and two glossaries of real estate terminology. A table listing important dates, deadlines, and timeframes for Florida licensees follows the glossaries.