Tips on how to pass your Real Estate Exam in FLORIDA

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In Florida, the real estate sales associate exam and the broker exam are both 100 multiple-choice questions.
The sales associate exam is 45 questions on real estate principles and practices, 45 questions that cover Florida and Federal laws, and 10 questions that require math calculations.
The broker exam covers Florida real estate principles and laws, there are questions covering brokerage management, real estate investment, the Closing Disclosure form, and more.
Both tests require a score of 75 to pass. So, are you ready? Here is how to pass the Florida Real Estate Exam the first time:

Exam Prep Course

Your pre-license course will prepare you for life after the exam:
how to be a real estate sales agent or broker.
However, not all courses are created equally.
Most courses do not include exam preparation, so you might want to consider signing up for an additional prep course, like the one Compass offers offers, and don’t forget, it’s FREE unless you pass! Just add it to your account.
These classes are usually an intensive weekend of studying.
We suggest signing up for this type of course a few days right before your exam.
Better yet — find a pre-license course that includes an exam prep course at no extra cost to ensure your pass the state exam the first time!

Test Taking Tips

If you have kids and they have ever had to take a big exam, the same rules of thumb applies to you! Do not stay up cramming, and most of all — do not worry.
You have studied for months, so be confident in your knowledge and abide by these test taking tips:

  • Get a good night’s sleep the night before you take your real estate exam.
  • Eat a balanced breakfast.
  • Set out the necessary materials you need for the test the night before so you remember to take them with you.
    This includes two forms of identification with at least one having your photo and signature, a copy of your pre-licensing education completion certificate, an acceptable calculator for the math portion, and a jacket in case the testing center is cold.

To be a successful real estate agent or broker, you have to first pass the state exam.
Cross one step off your list and pass the first time you take it!
The resources and study tools are available for you, you just have to know where to find them.
If you have not signed up for your pre-license course yet, consider a real estate school with a proven record of high exam pass rates and student satisfaction that includes comprehensive exam prep in the course at no extra cost.
Not all courses are the same! Choose the school and course that will help you pass the first time. Speak with one of our expert career counselors today to see why Compass Real Estate Academy is that school.

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